Melania Trump Unveiled Her New Blond Hair on Fox News

Melania Trump took her new blond hair and not-so-new complaints about the media to Fox News this week, submitting to a sit-down interview with host Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

In their conversation, Trump told Hannity that the greatest hardship she’s faced since she’s been in the White House is the “opportunists” who’ve used her name and the Trump brand to “advance themselves.” Perhaps in an effort to channel her own #BeBest initiative, which aims to curb bullies online and seems to have had no effect on her own husband, she did not name names but she did call out journalists, comedians, celebrities, and authors for their supposed behavior.

Now it’s news to no one that FLOTUS takes issue with how she and her husband are treated in the press. But what did make waves on the internet? Trump’s new look. The erstwhile brunette trotted out a fresh set of highlights, and Twitter took notice.

Of course a woman is free to switch up her hair (or wear a Zara jacket that seems to suggest a certain disregard for a national crisis on the border) whenever she pleases, but if that woman is Melania Trump and her new shade now falls between Donald Trump Russet Potato and Ivanka Trump Daffodil on the color wheel, people will have opinions.

Some had questions:

Others had theories:

Most just had feels:

And some shut out all the noise and did just as Trump requested in another portion of the interview. The media, she said, “likes to focus on gossip and I would like them to focus on the substance and what we do, not just about the nonsense.”

For at least one journalist the point was well-taken! Never mind the hair! Or the comparisons to other women in the administration or on Fox News. Let’s concentrate on what matters:

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