Meghan Markle’s Best Hairstyles Since the Royal Wedding

Since the moment Meghan Markle announced her engagement to Prince Harry, it’s been clear she’d be a breath of fresh air for the British monarchy—bringing with her both feminist ideals and an equally approachable sense of style. (Tights in public? Nope. Fast-fashion tops? Yep.) That sensibility, of course, extends to her hairstyles, too—which is exactly why headlines explode whenever the Duchess of Sussex does something different with her part.

Where hairnets and pristine updos are usually the choice du jour for royals, Markle’s famous penchant for messy buns and low ponytails feel refreshingly unfussy. In fact, they’re even considered a breach of royal protocol. And as we all now know, they often carry more meaning than what meets the eye. (Like, uh, an impending pregnancy announcement.) The past two weeks especially have been a real treat, thanks to the Duke and Duchess’s whirlwind tour of Australia. So, because now’s as good a time as any, let’s meticulously examine the messiest-but-somehow-still-put-together looks she’s worn since becoming a royal. Shall we?

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