Meghan Markle Has to Toast With Water Now, So Prince Harry Did, Too

Pregnancy requires expectant mothers to make tons of adjustments to their everyday lives—some tiny, some huge. But, as mom-to-be Meghan Markle is finding out, Prince Harry will be there for her every step of the way. The twosome are currently in Fiji, where they attended a black tie dinner hosted by the Fijian prime minister on Tuesday (October 23). It was at this formal event that Prince Harry made one of those small yet meaningful adjustments to show solidarity with his pregnant wife.

When it came time to toast at the dinner, Markle did so with water instead of alcohol, and Prince Harry followed suit. We may never know if these two have made a water-only pact for all of Markle’s pregnancy, or if Prince Harry made the decision himself to abstain from drinking alcohol. Either way, we’re here for the Duke of Sussex’s sweet and supportive gesture.

Folks on Twitter are commending Prince Harry for supporting Markle in this way:

Prince Harry has spent much of his and Markle’s royal tour of Australia, Fiji, and other nearby Commonwealth countries proving just how excited he is about Markle’s pregnancy and about becoming a father. Over the weekend, Prince Harry was caught on video agreeing with some well-wishers when they said that they’re hoping Markle gives birth to a girl.

Unfortunately, we may not find out the baby’s sex until after the birth. As we learned after the recent births of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, it’s royal tradition that the family doesn’t learn the sex of the child in advance. Of course, it’s entirely possible that Prince Harry and Markle could break with typical royal protocol, as they continue to do on a regular basis—see: all that adorable PDA. We’ll keep our ears to the streets and our water glasses full until then.

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