Meghan Markle Broke Royal Protocol When She Met a Little Girl Who Looked Just Like Her

Meghan Markle may have found her mini-me while traveling through Australia, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

After touching down in Sydney for their first official international tour, Markle and Prince Harry did a “walkabout” (or, as the rest of us non-royals would call it, a “meet and greet”) with hundreds of members of the public who were waiting for them outside of the Sydney Opera House. One fan in particular stood out to the royal couple, and not just because she was wearing an objectively amazing T-shirt that read “Girls Can Do Anything”; in addition to her feminist sartorial messaging, the little girl also happened to look a lot like a young Meghan Markle.

According to People, Prince Harry stopped to chat with the little girl. At one point, he even called his wife over to meet her—clearly seeing the resemblance between the two of them. After Markle says hello, another fan can be heard in a video shouting, “We feel she looks a bit like you.”

The duchess agreed, and replied, “I was literally about to say the same thing. And I love your shirt.”

meghan selfie 1

PHOTO: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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PHOTO: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Prince Harry seemed to be so excited about the whole thing that he agreed to take a photo of Markle with the little girl—a rarity, considering that, according to People, he usually adheres to the royal rule of “no autographs or selfies.”

He broke royal protocol again in Australia after he hugged this adorable 5-year-old boy who became fixated on his beard:

On Monday (October 16), Markle and Prince Harry announced that they would be welcoming their actual mini-me into the world, as they are expecting their first child in spring 2019. Considering how adorably they interacted with the little girl in the crowd, we can’t wait to get a glimpse of their first family portraits. The couple will be touring Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand over the next two weeks.

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