Meghan Markle Best Fall Outfits: How To Get Her Look

If women started playing sports while wearing stilettos tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s because Meghan Markle has worn heels to play ball on two occasions and that’s probably enough to start a trend. For reasons that seem beyond rhyme or reason, the Duchess has unprecedented control over what everyone wants to buy. All Markle has to do is wear a piece of clothing on her body and it will immediately sell out regardless of the price tag. This is known as ‘insanity’ or by it’s more popular name, ‘The Meghan Markle Effect‘. Her influence is so powerful it caused designer Dion Lee’s website to crash because she wore one of his navy dresses during the royal tour in Australia, and her style can create waitlists that have more than 10,000 people.

Here’s an unpopular opinion: For the longest time I just didn’t get it. Sometimes I’m still not sure if I do. Of course Meghan Markle looks good in everything, she’s Meghan Markle! She’s pretty, fit, seemingly happy, and always put together. Whatever it is, it wasn’t until I recently starting working on building out my fall wardrobe that I noticed Markle’s influence trickling into my own shopping cart. Maybe it’s a latent desire to be a royal or maybe it really is just the Meghan Markle Effect coming for my closet. Nevertheless, here are some of her best fall looks and the outfit lessons they’ve taught me, plus all the pieces I’m now convinced I most definitely need.

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