Mayans M.C. Is Renewed For Season 2 Following Excellent Ratings

The long-awaited Sons of Anarchy finally hit the airwaves back in September with a whole new location and a whole new cast of main characters. Given that Mayans M.C. wouldn’t feature familiar faces from Sons of Anarchy (with a couple exceptions in the series premiere), it was difficult to predict how many people would actually tune in. Well, as it turns out, a lot of people decided to tune in, and FX has officially renewed the series for a second season following fantastic ratings.

Only four episodes of the freshman series have aired so far, so FX clearly has faith that audiences will continue tuning in through the rest of Season 1 and be eager to check out Season 2. The faith isn’t surprising given the numbers delivered by Mayans M.C. so far. In Live+7 day measurements, Mayans M.C. currently ranks as the top new cable show of 2018 in the key 18-49 age demographic, as well as in the 25-54 demo and all key male demos. The show is currently averaging 8.2 million viewers per episode across linear and non-linear platforms.

Not all of the numbers for the fourth episode are in yet, but Mayans ranks as the most-watched program in primetime on Tuesdays through the first three episodes. Notably, this includes primetime Tuesday shows on cable and broadcast television, which is a pretty big deal. Admittedly, the early September premiere date meant that Mayans hit the airwaves when most big broadcast network TV shows were still on summer hiatus, but a new cable show beating the big networks is still a big deal.

The biggest non-broadcast ratings of recent years have generally come from networks like AMC and HBO thanks to shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, respectively. No wonder Mayans M.C. scored a renewal so relatively early in its run! The second season will debut on FX at some point in 2019, although no details are currently available about just when. The wait until 2019 may feel pretty long once Season 1 ends later this year, but after the years between the end of Sons of Anarchy and the premiere of Mayans, waiting until some point in 2019 may not be too painful.

Mayans M.C. was actually already breaking records after its very first episode, and it quickly became clear that Mayans would beat Sons of Anarchy in delayed viewership. Admittedly, delayed viewership is much more common and convenient nowadays than it was during Sons of Anarchy‘s run, but it still bodes well for the future of the series. Mayans M.C. also boosted the Hispanic audience over what Sons of Anarchy won during its time on the air.

Tune in to FX on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET to catch new episodes of Mayans M.C. in the fall lineup. If FX and the producers handle Season 2 production like they did Season 1, we may not want to count on too many spoilers leaking ahead of time.

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