Man Shoots Wildly With Guns After Getting Angry At Xbox Game

An angry reaction to a video game turned deadly serious this past week. Police reports show a man fired real guns several times after becoming frustrated while playing. Thankfully, even though at least one bullet struck a neighbor’s house, nobody was injured in the incident.

According to a report from USA Today, 30-year-old Casey Jones reacted in an extreme manner when things didn’t go his way during a gaming session in Knoxville, Tennessee. The only information revealed about said gaming is that Jones was playing an Xbox. The police report does not state what game he was engaged in before acting in violence.

According to a statement given by a woman who was in Jones’ house at the time, he “had a breaking point” while playing, which led him to attack his console with his fists. Based on the statement, it sounds like Jones’ anger only grew when he realized what he had done to his console, and so he went upstairs and grabbed two handguns, which he fired several times into the ceiling and the walls.

One of the bullets went through his window, though, and struck a neighboring home. Authorities retrieved 16 shell casings from the scene of the crime and the two handguns used in the incident. The bullet that struck the neighbor’s house was found lodged behind a window shutter. Although the family of three was home at the time, nobody was injured.

The report explains that the woman offering testimony said she and Casey Jones had not been fighting at the time, and that he at no time pointed a firearm at her.

The report states that Casey Jones is facing four counts of reckless endangerment involving a deadly weapon, presumably one for each of the neighbors and one for the unidentified woman that was in his home at the time. They are all felony charges, and the guns have been retrieved from Jones’ home.

A final note from the report states that Jones made threats of harming himself; he’s said to have a history of such threats.

This is the latest in a line of stories involving violence in video games this year. A gunman opened fire at a Madden tournament in Florida earlier this year, the first known case of such a shooting happening at a gaming event. A lot of talk has also revolved around Swatting, the act of reporting a crime at the residence of an individual that, in the world of gaming, is typically streaming their play session to viewers online.

There was also a report this fall stating a relationship exists between violent individuals and violent games. The report did not conclude that games make people violent (as some have stated in the past), but rather that violent individuals are more likely to play violent video games.

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