Love Is Blind Reunion: Everything the Cast Revealed

Carlton says the fight he had with Diamond led to him receiving death threats online. However, he’s more concerned for Diamond because she faced accusations of being homophobic and bi-phobic. “The woman I fell in love with, I’ve never felt like she was bi-phobic, homophobic,” he says. “I was just afraid we’d have some issues we’d have to work through.”

Diamond says she’s also received death threats, and that her intention with the conversation with Carlton in Mexico was to learn more about his sexuality, not attack him. “I should’ve approached it a lot differently in being more comforting,” she says. “Approach it in a way of saying, ‘I respect you as a person.'”

When asked if he wishes he would’ve told Diamond about his sexuality sooner, Carlton said, “I would’ve done whatever it took had I known then that’s what it took to sit here, happily married.”

In an emotional scene during the reunion, Carlton got down on one knee and apologized to Diamond. He returned her engagement ring and said, “I hope that you take this ring as a significant piece of our friendship and the start of something beautiful, without any type of plan.”

Giannina and Damian:

A reminder of what happened in their relationship: These two were also smitten with each other, but Giannina’s fear of marriage led to some hot-and-cold behavior about their future. By the end, though, she was ready to say, “I do.” But Giannina’s indecisiveness was a red flag for Damian, and he bowed out at the altar, causing her to (literally) run out of their wedding. In her dress.

And on the reunion:

Giannina and Damian are “so together,” says Giannina. “I don’t want to lose this. I just don’t. And I didn’t!”


Giannina says she didn’t plan on proposing to Damian in the pods; it’s something that came to her after thinking abut their conversations about being equals.

On their wedding day drama, Giannina says she respects Damian’s decision to not go through with it: “Where we are now is just so right for us, where we can just date…We’re getting to know each other at our own pace.”

Damian has no regrets about saying, “I don’t” on their wedding day because it’s led to their strong relationship now. “It was definitely a strong love from the beginning and we pushed through a lot,” he says. “…But she was in and out of it so much.”

Lauren and Cameron:

A reminder of what happened in their relationship: These two were rock solid from the start and stayed that way through the end. The only obstacles they really faced were Lauren’s protective father and their worries about being an interracial couple.

And on the reunion:

They are very much together. “I seriously never have been as happy as I am with Cameron,” Lauren says. “…Life is good.”


The two have a puppy together and say they’ve had a great time showing the other person new experiences throughout the year. “I think people often think changing who you are is a negative thing,” Cameron says. “Lauren is an amazing woman, obviously, and just being with her, I feel, has changed me in many ways. Watching the show back, it’s still me, but I’ve evolved over time.”

On the topic of kids, Lauren says, “One day.”

As for Cameron’s tense conversation with Lauren’s dad on the show, she says, “We’re family…Lauren has a strong connection with her father, so it makes sense that I would love him too.” The families even spent Thanksgiving together in 2019.

And that’s a wrap on Love Is Blind season one. Don’t make us wait long for season two, Netflix.

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