Loona’s ‘So What’ Is An Explosive, Confident Comeback

    Loona has perfected the art of the comeback with a bombastic new single, and you’ll be bumping it for days to come.

    “So What” marks an effervescent return for the girl group, which finds its 11 members belting out the high-energy dance track with enviable confidence. It’s a thumping, electrifying anthem that urges listeners to appreciate themselves just the way they are.

    The video is full of just as much ebullient energy, even without member Haseul around for the release. Blockberry Creative previously confirmed earlier in January that she would be taking a break from performing alongside the rest of Loona to focus on her mental health, as she’s been dealing with an anxiety disorder. Her hiatus is only temporary, however, and it’s expected that she’ll be returning soon.

    Despite Haseul’s absence, however, Loona still shines in their urban-inspired banger’s accompanying music video, which outfits the girls in vibrant crimson jackets and black biker leather that gives them a harder edge as they serve serious power poses in front of the camera.

    “So What” marks the release of Loona’s latest [#] EP, which is now available on streaming platforms as well. It spans six tracks, including the titular “[#],” “Number 1,” “Oh (Yes I Am),” “Ding Ding Dong,” and “365.”

    “[#] does not mean much when it is used alone, but it means that when # is used in combination with words or letters, they realize the result of a multi-use combination when they are together, just as they perform a special function or great ability,” reads the official video description, setting the tone for the EP.

    It’s about time to enter a new era with Loona at the wheel, so get ready to start memorizing the choreography and lyrics. You’re going to need to know them if you can ever truly hope to know what it means to stan Loona.

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