Looks Like RoboCop’s X-Rated Cut Is Now Streaming

Ok, so nowadays we’d think of it as the NC-17 version of RoboCop, but nevertheless, as noticed by Comicbook.com, rather than showing the traditional R-rated one, Amazon Prime has the more gruesome version of RoboCop available for its subscribers. It’s unclear if this was intentionally done, as the movie is not labeled as the “X-rated” or “unrated” cut. Nevertheless, if you’re a RoboCop fan, it becomes immediately clear that this version of the movie is not the one that’s usually readily available. That being said, this certainly isn’t the first time that the X-rated RoboCop has been released, as it’s previously been released several times on DVD and Blu-ray. For streaming, on the other hand, this appears to mark its big debut.

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