Loki Vs. Joker: Could Marvel’s Trickster God Take On DC’s Clown Prince Of Crime?

Loki’s Strengths

In addition to his shapeshifting power, Loki’s Frost Giant lineage endows him with a variety of abilities unique to the average Asgardian, such as increased superhuman strength, durability, and stamina that make him an impressive opponent in combat (even against Thor), in addition to a regenerative healing ability, slow-aging process, and immunity to all earthly infections commonly shared among the people of Asgard. With an extensive knowledge of the mystic arts, he is also one of the most skilled sorcerers of his realm, possessing a variety of abilities that have come in handy against adversaries, such as telekinesis, energy blasts and force fields, dimension hopping, and bringing inanimate objects to life. So, do not be alarmed when his prized sword, Laeveteinn, slithers its way toward you all of the sudden.

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