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Let Him Go Ending: Who Is The ‘Him’ In The Kevin Costner And Diane Lane Thriller

WARNING: The following article contains specific details about the ending to Let Him Go. Unless you have you seen the film or simply prefer to remain free from fear of SPOILERS, we recommend watching the movie before continuing

On the surface, Thomas Bezucha’s Let Him Go is a slow, methodical story about a couple’s attempt to rescue their grandson from an unsavory family in the badlands of North Dakota. George and Margaret Blackeledge, played masterfully by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, spend much of the adaptation of Larry Watson’s 2013 novel attempting to get over the death of their son years earlier while also coming to terms with the possibility of never seeing their grandson again, leading to an intense and satisfying Let Him Go ending that leaves a lot up to interpretation.

What is meaning of the title Let Him Go and to whom does it apply? Is it Jimmy Blackledge, the grandson ripped from his grandparents’ lives? Is it the Blackledges’ son, James? Or is it someone else entirely Below we will break down each of the different ways the title can be interpreted, what the filmmaker and author of the original novel have to say, as well as what goes down in the Let Him Go ending.

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