LEGO Tracer Is As Adorable As You Think

If you’ve been playing Blizzard’s Overwatch and thought to yourself one day “Boy, wouldn’t it be cool to have a LEGO version of Tracer?” then you haven’t been the only one thinking that, because both Blizzard Entertainment and the LEGO Group have also been thinking the exact same thing. In fact, the two companies have teamed up to tease gamers with the cross-branded collaboration, which will feature popular Overwatch characters as LEGOs. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan gave gamers a small taste of what’s to come by showing off the new LEGO Tracer figurine, featuring the speedster zipping around the screen in a short promotional video advertising the upcoming line of LEGO toys.

The news was revealed through the official Overwatch Twitter account. The video is only 27 seconds long but it captures the spirit of the collaboration quite well. We see Kaplan at a desk after having recently put together the LEGO version of Tracer, which then promptly begins to zip around the screen.

After Tracer makes her debut as a LEGO piece and then flies out of the screen, we then see the crossover logo between LEGO and Overwatch.

We don’t know exactly when this crossover will make its way onto a retail shelf near you, but it’s obviously coming soon. This news comes shortly after fans noticed the crossover logo that popped up recently, which featured a quote from the character Winston, saying “Imagination is the essence of discovery.” The image featured several bananas in a pile under the quote. Most people were hoping to see Winston as a LEGO character but so far we’ve only seen Tracer in LEGO format.

The character has detachable hair, head, body, and legs. So, I imagine that when the rest of the characters are made you’ll be able to mix and match their parts to create a real Frankenstein of the characters, which might go well with Overwatch’s Halloween event.

Some gamers were excited about this crossover because they assumed that it meant that maybe we could end up getting a LEGO Overwatch game at some point in the near future. Given that we’ve had LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Batman, I honestly don’t see why we couldn’t see Blizzard’s game turned into a separate LEGO game. I don’t know how well Activision would like that idea, given that if a game was made based on Blizzard’s IP then Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment would likely pick up the publishing rights, but that’s neither here nor there.

For now, gamers can rest assured knowing that some new LEGO toys are on the way and some of their favorite Overwatch characters will be getting the physical toy treatment… soon. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an official release date of when the LEGO figurines become available.

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