Lea Michele’s Christmas Movie Has Left Me With Many Questions

Warning: Light spoilers ahead.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Lea Michele’s holiday-themed romantic comedy, Same Time, Next Christmas, since I watched it last night. It’s your typical, delightful rom-com: An architect, Olivia Anderson (Lea Michele), heads to Hawaii for the holidays, where her family and another family, the Williamses, travel every year for Christmas. For context: Over the years she’s formed a friendship with the Williams’s son, Jeff. But after the Williams matriarch passed away, they stopped going to Hawaii with the Andersons.

Cut to the present day: Olivia is back in Hawaii, and so is the Williams family—including a very hot, very grown-up Jeff (played by Charles Michael Davis). Sparks fly, naturally, but there’s an issue: Olivia has a boyfriend back at home, Gregg (Bryan Greenberg), who surprises her on the trip. A love triangle of sorts unfolds with—spoiler alert—Jeff winning out in the end. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out how this specifically unfolds, but, in my opinion, there was no contest. Jeff is beefy and goofy and was down to go cliff-diving with Olivia. Gregg, meanwhile, would rather run laps than lay on the beach and didn’t want to pack a picnic for his hike with Olivia because he had protein bars. He was hilariously, dramatically un-fun.

“On paper Gregg and Olivia are a great match, but in reality there’s something missing,” Greenberg tells Glamour. “He conflates business with love. He’s looking more for a business partner than a mate. He doesn’t really understand the difference between the two, which in a romantic comedy doesn’t go over well, as you might guess.”

Part of the reason why I couldn’t get enough of Same Time, Next Christmas was that the right choices were just so obvious. Watching Olivia toggle back and forth between Jeff and Gregg felt a lot like watching a scream queen make poor decisions in a horror movie. I shouted at my screen many times while watching Same Time, Next Christmas. It was an absolute blast.

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