Krypton’s New Villain Lobo Looks Ready To Tour With Rob Zombie In First Image

Well, now. Let’s see…Guns a’poppin? Check. Muscular, exposed torso? Check. White skin? Check. Long, dark, voluminous hair? Check? Scowl? Check. Chain wrapped arm? Check. Red eyes? Check. Face paint and attitude that would have him fitting right in on stage at a Rob Zombie concert? Check, check, check! You might have also noticed that Scanlan is outfitted in Lobo’s signature fanged skull decorative pant ornament. While this is usually shown as being a belt buckle of sorts, it appears as though Krypton has decided to switch things up a bit and have the character use it as more of a cod piece. What can I say? I can’t complain about it. Though, I do feel like he needs a more impressive layer of white all over to really make his Kiss-like eye adornment pop, but I can withhold full judgement until I actually see Lobo in action on the drama.

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