Keanu Reeves As Darth Revan In A Star Wars Movie? There’s Already An Awesome Fan Trailer

    It’s now 2020 but I fully demand the Keanussance of 2019 carry over into this year. Why not? Keanu Reeves makes everything better. And you know what could be better? Star Wars movies. Maybe you love all nine movies in the Skywalker Saga, maybe not. But after watching this fan’s teaser trailer for The Old Republic, adding Keanu as the character of Darth Revan, a former Jedi, I dare you to say this wouldn’t make one fine-ass movie:

    Well, I’m in. I was in at Keanu, but I’m ready to grab my wallet for a movie (or Disney+ show?) like this. YouTuber stryder HD posted the video with the teaser “A new Jedi rises,” using footage from Keanu’s 47 Ronin, The Mandalorian, and some fan films, with the titles listed in the description.

    The character of Revan first appeared in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but he’s really taken off and Darth Revan has his own following and action figures.

    At any rate, here’s what stryder HD wrote in the description for The Old Republic fan trailer:

    It may be a fake trailer, but the interest in seeing Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan is very real:

    A few fans who are unhappy with the current state of the Star Wars galaxy think Keanu Reeves is our only hope:

    Some Star Wars fans really want to see a Revan standalone movie:

    Since The Mandalorian Season 1 was a huge hit for Disney+ and the Star Wars galaxy at large, some fans are opening the floor to the idea of a Star Wars movie or Star Wars TV series with Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan:

    If Darth Revan ever gets a movie (or TV series), Keanu Reeves does seem to be one of the top choices, but not the only option:

    What do you think? Should Darth Revan get a Star Wars movie or TV series? Should The Old Republic be its own movie or TV series? In general, what say you?

    Should Keanu Reeves Play Darth Revan In Something?

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