Kate Middleton Hasn’t Been Wearing Nail Polish for Months, and Nobody’s Noticed

    Kate Middleton at a Family Action engagement in 2019. Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images
    Kate Middleton in Bletchley, England in May 2019. Karwai Tang/Getty Images

    The likely reason is that it’s simply a personal preference. Middleton talks often about how much she values her time outside in the country with her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—and as a busy mom, it’s much easier to rebuff a nail than it is to re-polish. Not that we’d expect her to show up in neon or nail art, but the queen reportedly prefers pale shades to adorn female royals’ nails.

    So we turned our question over to royal style expert Myka Meier: Could there be any deeper meaning behind the change? “There is no official royal protocol that says what the royal family must wear or even what products they should use,” she tells Glamour. “Each senior royal is trusted to make their style and grooming choices, including products they wish to use. While we have seen the Duchess of Cambridge wearing light pink colored or even clear polish in the past, one of her favorite new looks in recent years has actually been no polish at all! Instead she has simply opted for a buffed nail with a naturally squared low-maintenance shape, which not only goes with everything she wears but looks clean-cut, natural, and gorgeous.”

    Another thought? You can’t be publicly criticized for a shade you’re not wearing. We certainly loved when Meghan Markle wore a dark polish shade for the British Fashion Awards in 2018, but there were many who did not—and used it as yet another reason to show their dislike for the Duchess of Sussex online.

    So, are bare nails about to be the big new trend for spring 2020 thanks to a royal nod of approval? We shall see.

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