Kanye West Celebrated His Father’s Cancer Remission In The Most Kanye Way

Kanye West is in a celebratory mood. His father, Ray West, is currently in remission from his cancer diagnosis, and Kanye is here to celebrate. How did the rap artist do that? By conquering one of his fear, evidently. On Twitter (of course), West posted a picture of a plate of bugs, and Ye decided to eat a meal that would be more suitable for Timon and Pumba from The Lion King. That’s right; Kanye West decided to honor his father’s return to health by grubbing on a plate full of bugs, believing that if his father succeeded in beating his recent health scare, he can overcome one of his own fears as well. You can check out the odd photo from Kanye West — or, perhaps we should say, the top-selling musical artist formerly known as Kanye West — below.

The unusual Twitter photo is, in Kanye West’s own way, a sweet tribute to his father’s health. He wants to pay his respect to the man who helped raise him. And if the artist/designer believes that beating his own fears by munching on bugs is the way to do that, then Ye should do so — so long as it doesn’t hurt him in the process. We don’t have a follow-up report for how the dinner went with his father, who also dined on a plate full of bugs for the occasion. But we can only hope that the meal was what Kanye West hoped it would be. And that he was able to conquer this fear of his in the process.

Meanwhile, Kanye West continues to find himself in the news for a variety of different reasons these days. The musician made quite an impression on the latest season premiere of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, including a musical rendition of “I Love It” with Lil Pump and Adele Givens where the rap artist was dressed in a giant Perrier bottle outfit. The musician is often known for his erratic and typically unpredictable behavior, and this musical display is just the latest example of that unpredictability. One could say the same thing about Ye eating a whole bunch of bugs with his father in order to celebrate his parent’s return to health.

Additionally, beyond his controversial use of social media, Kanye West continues to pop up in headlines for, say, talking about porn on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, getting into feuds with various celebrities, producing a whole lot of music, saying outlandish comments, and for constantly wearing a “Make America Great Again” red hat, among other points of conversation. He also recently claimed that his name is no longer “Kanye West.” Rather, the artist wants to be called “Ye” instead, although he hasn’t been strict on that new rule yet. He is also expected to release his new album literally any day now.

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