Justin Bieber Went Viral For Weirdly Eating A Burrito, And Chrissy Teigen Co-Signs

Stuffing your face into a burrito and chowing down on all its divinely compacted ingredients is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There are few things that are quite as richly pleasurable as that very first bite into a burrito — particularly when you’ve been waiting eagerly to dig into its wrapped goodness.

And while most people tend to eat burritos one of two ways, either munching on the top or gorging on the bottom, Justin Bieber apparently opts for a third way: straight down the middle. The pop singer was recently seen digging into a particularly savory burrito in an unusual fashion this week, and the perplexing way in which Bieber decided to enjoy his meal has resulted in an unexpected conversation starter. And now even Chrissy Teigen has weighed in.

Ever since Justin Bieber was seen on that park bench diving his face into the bountiful delights found in a burrito, the Internet has been set aflame by people questioning the unusual way in which Bieber chooses to enjoy his burrito. While many people have been quick to judge Bieber’s unconventional method, Chrissy Teigen has got the pop singer’s back. On Twitter, she claims eating it in the middle is “the only way they should be eaten.” Starting the process on the ends results in “carb factories.” Eating it in the middle saves you a few pounds.

Whether or not that’s the reason why Justin Bieber decided to enjoy his burrito meal in this particular fashion or not, at least Chrissy Teigen is helping the musician out during his time of need. Because there are more than a few people willing to criticize the pop singer for the method in which he chooses to participate in the burrito-eating process. When it comes to eating a burrito, it is not simply about how you get into the contents. Rather, it is about enjoying the delectable burrito itself, plain and simple. And if Justin Bieber has a singular way of doing that, so be it. It’s not about the journey.

Justin Bieber is never far from the news — whether he’s eating a burrito or not. The pop singer reportedly got married recently in a fairly secretive fashion to his girlfriend-turned-fiancée, Hailey Baldwin. The celebrity couple was engaged in short order over the summer; Bieber surprised everyone when he got down on one knee in the Bahamas. They are now husband and wife, allegedly, and they didn’t get a prenup either. So, Bieber better hope that this marriage lasts, because he is worth a pretty penny. And while the ink should be dried, there might be an official ceremony soon.

Whether he’s getting married or simply enjoying his burrito in an untraditional way, Justin Bieber finds himself the subject of controversy in one way or another. And whatever the source of Justin Bieber’s latest online speculation might be, you can be sure to hear all about it right here at CinemaBlend.

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