Jon Bernthal’s ‘Long-Ass’ Answer To Why The Accountant Still Resonates So Much With Fans

While many fans are busy talking about Ben Affleck in relation to Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League, there’s another fanbase that’s still talking about a popular Affleck product years later. That project would be none other than The Accountant, a 2016 movie that has had people excited for a potential sequel for a while now. Another Accountant actor Jon Bernthal thinks he knows why the property still resonates so much with the fans.

In fact he has a “long-ass answer to a really short question,” noting that the secret sauce for The Accountant was that people who were involved with it really cared about the project and really worked to make it something different. Per Jon Bernthal:

Touching on the special needs aspect of The Accountant, which stars Ben Affleck as an autistic man wielding his special skill set as a special needs person to uncook the books of criminals. He also is basically a superhero with martial arts skills and more. The first movie ties brotherhood and family into a crime drama, and includes Anna Kendrick to boot.

In short, people loved it and it went on to make over $155 million worldwide. More importantly, however, Jon Bernthal told Uproxx that people ask about the movie and the potential for The Accountant 2 all the time. He also said,

The last time we checked in with The Accountant 2 was about eight months ago, when Ben Affleck actually spoke out about wanting to make another, noting at the time:

Still, it’s nice to hear that The Accountant is something that really resonates with the fanbase, and that Jon Bernthal still has that movie on his mind, even as he moves on to projects like Ford v Ferrari, out in theaters now. I’m personally still hoping for The Accountant 2 as I found it to be one of the most heartfelt action movies in recent memory and would like to see where its unique story goes next, in case you wanted my own “long-ass” opinions on the matter.

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