John Mayer Teases Ex Taylor Swift’s Album Reputation

John Mayer and Taylor Swift haven’t been romantically intertwined since 2010. But there are apparently no bitter feelings left between them. Mayer made that clear when he provided an unexpected review of Taylor Swift’s latest album, Reputation, which he recently praised in front of an active audience of music fans.

During a recent appearance on iHeartRadio Live!, John Mayer let his feelings on the best-selling album slip. In the video, it’s made apparent that Mayer wasn’t talking about the Taylor Swift album. When an audience member made a “woo!” sound, the singer-songwriter had to correct himself, letting the people in attendance know that he enjoyed the newest music from his ex-girlfriend but that he was not necessarily referring to that new Swift album.

The way the quote is written out, it’s possible that some people might read John Mayer’s words as dismissive. But it seems as though Mayer is sincere in his appreciation of Taylor Swift’s 2017 album. When he calls it “a fine piece of work,” the musician is paying his due respects to his fellow musician, and there is no sarcasm or mockery in his tone. While Taylor Swift and John Mayer are no longer an item, they can still appreciate each other’s work.

Check out John Mayer’s recent appearance on iHeart Radio Live! below.

John Mayer isn’t the only celebrity who appreciated Reputation. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are friends with Taylor Swift, and fans of Swift’s newest studio album — although they have a personal reason for why they chalk themselves up as appreciators of Swift’s newest work: their daughter, James, is featured on one of the album’s songs, “Gorgeous.” When Lively and Reynolds heard their daughter’s voice during a recent concert, the celeb couple could be seen getting very excited at this special musical occasion — all thanks to cell footage captured by a fellow concertgoer.

Additionally, Cardi B is also a fan of Taylor Swift’s new music. When Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” knocked Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” off the top of the record charts, Cardi B said the following response, expressing her gratitude to Swift and admitting that she was a big admirer of her music.

While Taylor Swift and John Mayer continue to go their separate ways in life, they are not afraid to compliment one another when the moment is right. John Mayer might be doing his own thing now, but he’s not afraid to provide kind words to Taylor Swift when it comes to her latest album, Reputation. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest celebrity news and updates, related to T. Swift and otherwise, right here at CinemaBlend.

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