John Cena Wants To Be A Toilet Transformer

Transformers notoriously transform into vehicles. 18-wheelers. Sports cars. Fighter jets. Sure, certain Transformers, over the years, have been able to morph into everyday items, but usually, they are cars. If Bumblebee co-star John Cena had his way, however, he’d have the power to transform into something totally unexpected. He’d love to be a toilet. At the press day for Bumblebee, John Cena told CinemaBlend:

As John Cena says, let’s not be too quick to flush this idea. A toilet Transformer can infiltrate some pretty dirty areas, so turning them into a spy where they can sneak behind enemy lines makes sense (in a twisted sort of way).

Clearly, John Cena has had a lot of time to reflect on his role as a possible toilet Transformer. While we’re fairly certain that the idea of a toilet Transformer didn’t make it into any of the cartoons — though you KNOW Michael Bay’s mad that he didn’t come up with this idea — we did find this incredible video that someone made as a proof of concept. We can pull this off, Hollywood, and John Cena can help!

In the actual Bumblebee movie, John Cena fills a totally different role. He’s an agent of Sector 7, a top-secret government agency that monitors extraterrestrial activities. Naturally, Sector 7 is overly concerned about the ongoing war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, and if there’s a possibility that the battle could be coming to Earth, they will want to intervene and cut that off.

The Transformers movies have always drawn a dividing line between Human and Robot (in Disguise), with some characters bleeding over. Shia LaBeouf, for example, would be a human protagonist who sacrifices everything to help the Autobots. Hailee Steinfeld appears to be the next human character willing to risk her life to assist a robot character.

Where does John Cena fall? It’s a bit of a mystery for right now, which is why we are sitting on a few of his spoilery details, and instead letting his map out his elaborate plans for a Transformers toilet character. Here, we’ll just let Cena lay out his ambitious plans. It sounds so much better coming from him!

Bumblebee is actually getting outstanding reviews, with many calling it the best Transformers movie yet. See for yourself when Bumblebee opens in theaters on December 21.

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