Joe Jonas Dressed As His Fiancee’s Game Of Thrones Character For Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year again, and celebrities aren’t holding back from donning their best creative costumes. Joe Jonas attended a Halloween party with his fiancee over the weekend, and he went ahead and dressed up as her most famous character. Sophie Turner plays Sansa Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones, and Joe Jonas going full Sansa in honor of his fiancee is something few of us probably ever expected to see. Take a look!

In case you were ever dying to see Joe Jonas dressed like his fiancee dressed like a fictional character, Halloween season 2018 is the time for you! He has more scruff than I’ve ever seen on Sansa, and the dress isn’t quite as regal as we’ve seen on Sansa since she took her place as the Lady of Winterfell, but he definitely gets points for the costume. In fact, I’d name him as the best-dressed in the two pictures, despite the killer Catwoman and the Harry Potter lookalike.

These two pictures do prove that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner didn’t decide to go for a couples’ costume, like Ariel Winter did as Pam Anderson and her own Kid Rock. Turner is present, but she is dressed as an elephant. As far as I recall, Sansa hasn’t spent time with any elephants during the run of Game of Thrones so far, and I doubt her costume is a spoiler that Thrones is packing any pachyderms into the final season.

All of this said, I’d be lying if I said his costume didn’t also make me think of Fiona from Shrek and even a little bit of Merida from Brave, and Sansa might not have been my first pick if Joe Jonas was not engaged to Sophie Turner. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, however. That costume is versatile enough that he can dress up as even more redhead characters in long flowing dresses!

Something tells me Joe Jonas didn’t land the job as Sophie Turner’s double on the Game of Thrones set, and he certainly won’t now that filming has completed. Like other Game of Thrones actors, Turner changed her physical appearance from her look on the show. Turner went so blonde that she could pass for a Targaryen and even got a new Game of Thrones tattoo.

If Joe Jonas could have passed for any living Game of Thrones character without donning the wig and dress, it probably would have been Jon Snow. The dark hair and stubble rule out plenty of characters. Of course, it might have felt strange to have Joe Jonas dressed as Jon Snow by the side of his fiancee, who plays Jon Snow’s sister/secret cousin.

Who knows? If Joe Jonas (who shared the pics on Twitter) loved his Sansa costume enough, maybe he could try to land a role on the spinoff, which just announced its first star. Will this happen? Almost certainly not. But it’s fun to speculate, even if this wasn’t quite as wild as the family who went full Infinity War to celebrate Halloween.

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