Jodie Whittaker Confirms She’ll Return For Doctor Who Season 12

The first season of Jodie Whittaker’s run on Doctor Who is about to come to an end. Doctor Who‘s Season 11 finale airs this coming Sunday. So, what of her future as the Thirteenth Doctor? Whittaker has affirmed she will return!

The actress confirmed to THR that she will be playing the Time Lord for at least another season. Hence, Doctor Who will not be on the lookout for a new Time Lord, any time soon. Jodie Whittaker confirmed that she will continue in the role for Season 12. Beyond that, it is not entirely clear.

In confirming her status with Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker said she is not quite ready to hand over the role yet. All of which makes total sense. She only just began her adventure on the beloved sci-fi series.

Plus, Jodie Whittaker has previously revealed the moment she truly felt like the Doctor. After all of the excitement over her taking on the role, Whittaker only starring on the show for a single season would have been surprising.

Whether or not her current feelings will change following Season 12, only time will tell. As far as the present and upcoming season of the sci-fi series is concerned, Jodie Whittaker is not checking out. Per the report, production on Whittaker’s second season will begin sometime early next year. Seemingly, not too long after Doctor Who‘s New Year’s special airs in January.

However, Starburst reports that production has already gotten underway with plans to air next fall. Earlier, there had been rumblings regarding whether or not Doctor Who‘s twelfth season would actually air next year. So, the news is now hopeful for fans not wanting an overly long break from the series.

As for the future of Doctor Who, it is still looking bright, albeit less Christmassy this year. There is one more episode left of the regular season before the show returns for its annual special. This year, though, Doctor Who is making a significant change to the sort of special that will air.

As mentioned earlier, instead of airing a Christmas episode; Doctor Who will be breaking tradition with a New Year’s special. The wait for seeing how the special plays out is much shorter than it used to be, with this season wrapping up just a few weeks before the New Year’s special airs. Luckily for fans, Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who journey will continue for at least another season beyond that holiday-themed episode.

In the U.S., the Season 11 finale of Doctor Who will air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America, and new episodes of the sci-fi hit have been accompanied by a myriad of new TV this fall. Meanwhile, the series’ New Year’s special will air on January 1, along with lots of other television in the new year.

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