Jessica Simpson Just Clapped Back At Natalie Portman Over Bikini Photos

Jessica Simpson’s Instagram open letter was directed at Natalie Portman after she made what was reported to be critical comments about Simpson. The musician/actress is specifically responding to Portman’s quote to USA Today during promotional rounds for her new movie, Vox Lux. Portman said:

It would seem that Natalie Portman wasn’t so much criticizing Jessica Simpson, as she was criticizing the confusion she felt from the media. Portman thought they were sending mixed messages at the time, based on the quote found above, and she was pointing out the contradicting double standards found in the images for late ’90s/early ’00s superstars. But Portman’s comments offended Simpson, and the Academy Award-winning actress apologized.

In the comments for Jessica Simpson’s Instagram post, Natalie Portman wrote the following apology to the pop musician.

At the time of this reporting, Jessica Simpson hasn’t publicly responded to Natalie Portman in response to her heartfelt, carefully worded apology. Though the musician and the actress should hopefully be on good terms now that the confusion has ultimately been cleared up between the two stars.

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