Jessica on Love Is Blind Let Her Dog Drink Wine From Her Glass—and People Have Thoughts

Love Is Blind, Netflix‘s new reality show, is a gift that keeps on giving.

It all begins with this wild premise: A bunch of single men and women move into a house where they start speed dating each other to see if they’re a match. But here’s the catch: They can’t see what the other person looks like. The cast gets to know each other inside “pods” where they talk for hours and decide if they want to get engaged. Yes, engaged…after mere days of knowing each other. At that point, they finally get to see the person they’ve decided to spend the rest of their lives with before being whisked away on a romantic vacation.

After the trip, they have to return to some version of real life, where they move in together and meet each other’s family and friends. As you can imagine, there are many dramatic moments as these couples dig into the thornier issues involved in a relationship. But there are also many incredible smaller moments. Exhibit A: when Jessica casually lets her dog lap up red wine from her glass and whispers, “She loves wine.”


It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but many of the show’s viewers clocked it—and they had some thoughts. “This is the most dynamic moment of TV I’ve seen in a long time – from Netflix’s Love is Blind,” one fan tweeted. “A guy telling his fiancé, who he met the week before, that he’s mentally stable while she feeds her dog wine and tells him that she’s not his mom. So much to unwrap in 10 seconds.”

“Why would you watch literally anything else when you can watch Love is Blind and see a DOG drink WINE,” another wrote.

Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix and you should all definitely be watching it—if just for the wine-drinking dog alone.

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