Jersey Shore Family Vacation Spoilers: Snooki Just Threw Some Shade At Floribama Shore

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation “Where’s The Beach?” Read at your own risk!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation may be in yet another location in Season 2, but some things haven’t changed. Angelina and Vinny were still fight and “flirting,” Ronnie was still struggling in his relationship with Jen Harley, and Snooki was still the master of throwing shade. This time around, the cast member set her sights on the Jersey Shore spinoff Floribama Shore, and referenced the reality series when Angelina promised not to pee in the bed Snooki was in.

Written and read, it sounds like a pretty straightforward statement. The way it came out of Snooki’s mouth on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, however, made it sound like a sick burn that showed she clearly felt she, and Angelina for that matter, were above the shenanigans on Floribama Shore. The moment got a laugh from Angelina, who either understood the reference or was trying to keep herself in Snooki’s good graces to prevent a feud with another cast member.

For those who don’t understand, Snooki’s diss was a direct reference to an iconic moment in Floribama Shore Season 1. Kortni Gilson was drinking heavily one of her first nights in the house, and got a little too inebriated. The rest of the cast left her in her room, unaware that Gilson would stir from her slumber when they were away. Gilson stood up, pulled down her pants, and sat on castmate Candace Rice’s bed and began to pee.

Kortni, who did the deed out of drunken confusion as opposed to spite, apologized and the Floribama Shore cast laughed it off. That’s between a group of friends sharing the same experience, however, and it’s unknown if any of the cast will feel Snooki’s remark was out of pocket and disrespectful towards them. So far, castmember Nilsa Prowant doesn’t seem to mind as she tweeted about the moment shortly after seeing it on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Nilsa’s reaction is understandable, especially given the person who is making statement. Snooki very famously peed herself on a club dance floor during Jersey Shore, so her calling out Floribama Shore for urine related incidents is tantamout to throwing stones in a glass house. Also, let’s not forget Angelina shoved her butt into a funfetti cake on Jersey Shore Family Vacation not all that long ago, so it’s not like their cast is that far removed from wild behavior.

It’s also entirely possible that while Snooki’s statement about Floribama Shore sounded mean, it was just a shoutout to the spinoff. The two shows both hail from SallyAnn Salsano, so it’s not too surprising a line referencing it would make it into the final cut of an episode. Any promotion is good promotion, right?

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