Jason Momoa Made A Serious Entrance For The Aquaman Premiere

Jason Momoa is having the best time playing Aquaman, whether that be talking to reporters about the movie or having a blast at the premieres for the latest DC movie. It’s pretty clear he’s living his best life as Arthur Curry. Last night, at the U.S. premiere in fact, the actor took a break on the blue carpet to do a traditional haka dance, hearkening back to his Maori roots. Check it out.

Jason Momoa was front and center at the Aquaman premiere as the actor and his energetic crew performed a routine that included chanting, dancing and Jason Momoa wandering around holding a trident prop. At one point, he got so excited he snapped the trident in half.

If you watch the video (via Variety) closely, you can see Jason Momoa’s kids, daughter Lola Iolani and son Nakoa-Wolf, also performing the haka in the background.

This isn’t the only evidence of Jason Momoa having fun at the premiere. The actor also sipped on a beer while talking to reporters in a moment caught by the LA Times.

It’s pretty crazy how amped up and energetic Jason Momoa was, considering Aquaman director James Wan had just shared an image of leads Momoa and Amber Heard traveling back from Manila just in time to make the big, splashy (pun intended) premiere of the DC flick.

That’s a lot of travel in a very short time, considering it was only recently the cast and creative team were in China celebrating the premiere of the DC movie as well. Still, they looked refreshed and ready to run through another set of press lines. Fellow Aquaman actress Amber Heard also looked like she was having a pretty good time, sharing an image from the premiere featuring herself, Jason Momoa and his wife Lisa Bonet.

Warner Bros. and DC are pulling out the stops for Aquaman. While the studio has put out other big movies this year–recently Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldAquaman is the lone DC outing on the calendar this year.

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not the new movie ends up really resonating with audiences, but the flick is off to a good start overseas and some estimates say it could make as much as $100 million during its opening weekend. We’ll find out soon enough. Aquaman opens on December 21 and if you are itching to know more, be sure to check out our full guide.

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