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Jamie Foxx: Ali And 5 Other Performances That Deserved An Oscar

Dreamgirls (Curtis Taylor Jr.)

Taking part in the celebrated musical Dreamgirls allows Jamie Foxx to be dramatic and musical without sacrificing one for the other. After winning an Oscar for playing music legend Ray Charles in Ray, the multifaceted entertainer becomes ruthless car salesman-turned-record executive Curtis Taylor Jr.

Given the history attached to the Broadway musical, the actor leaned into the characterization of a typical record label executive. Jamie Foxx may have drawn some inspiration from legendary Motown honcho Berry Gordy (the alleged inspiration for Curtis Taylor Jr.). But Foxx melded the play’s portrayal with stories of Gordy seamlessly. Through the manipulative Taylor, the actor personified the darker side of the music business, especially during the 1950s and 1960s.

This angle was best illustrated in Taylor’s dynamics with Deena Jones and Effie White (played by Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Jennifer Hudson, respectively). That dynamic worked in Hudson’s favor as Jamie Foxx brought out her best in every scene. He even held his own against veterans like Danny Glover and Eddie Murphy.

While Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson were pushed the most that award season, Jamie Foxx deserved, at least, a Best Actor Oscar nomination. He needed to be acknowledged for being a great villain to bet against.

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