Is The Flash Actually Bringing Crisis On Infinite Earths To TV?

Ever since The Flash teased it in its series premiere back in 2014, Arrow-verse viewers have been begging for a “Crisis On Infinite Earths” adaptation. Those cries only got louder when the multiverse was introduced. Is The Flash actually bringing “Crisis On Infinite Earths” to TV though? Here’s some evidence that has us thinking the answer may be yes:

The Crossover Title “Elseworlds”

The upcoming “Elseworlds” crossover title sent fans deep into speculation, as the term already had meaning in DC Comics. Elseworld comics were typically used to tell stories that don’t fit within the continuity or traditional stories of the heroes they portray. The upcoming Batwoman introduction and planned series would appear to indicate this crossover is intended to be canon, which could mean “Elseworlds” might mean something else.

This led folks to assume it’s more a reference to the other worlds in the multiverse, which of course play a factor in “Crisis On Infinite Earths.” This would mean the title is just a clever reference and meant to be taken in the literal sense and not the way DC has labeled it in the comics. It’s also far more catchy than “Pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths,” which could’ve been a suggestion that forced the bigwigs to come up with a better name.

The Monitor

Another big sign the “Elseworlds” crossover is heading into Crisis territory is its casting of LaMonica Garrett as The Monitor. The Monitor plays a key role in the comic storyline, ultimately rallying the worlds greatest heroes against the destroyer of worlds Anti-Monitor. The heroes initially saw The Monitor as villainous, but later learned his actions were more of a test to see if they were up to the task of defeating Anti-Monitor.

An adaptation of “Crisis On Infinite Earths” would be very hard to pull off without this character. Without Monitor, there’s no Anti-Monitor, and thus, no threat to the Multiverse. Of course, the Arrow-verse idea makers could find another way to put the worlds in jeopardy, although changing the story so drastically might upset the most loyal DC Comics fans who tune in. That said, we have yet to learn if “Elseworlds” or any future event will introduce Anti-Monitor, so it’s possible other plans could be in the works if “Crisis” is happening.

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