Is Fuller House Ending On Netflix After Season 4?

Fuller House is planning a lot of things for Season 4, having teased new characters, guest stars, and more ahead of its season premiere. Unfortunately, it appears the story could possibly end there, with rumors floating that Netflix is considering canceling the revival following the conclusion of Season 4. Could Netflix actually drop the series, or will it “have mercy” and give Fuller House a Season 5 renewal in the future?

Right now, there isn’t any official confirmation that Fuller House is on the chopping block. A Netflix spokesman told TVLine that “no decision” had been made about Fuller House‘s future, and that the streaming giant was “looking forward to the premiere of Season 4 later this year.” While that statement didn’t refute any cancellation rumors, it certainly didn’t deny the inherent possibility that Fuller House might be emptied out after Season 4.

A Fuller House cancellation would be a bit of a shock, with Netflix’s viewership secrecy always making it hard to know when its originals may be dropped. Unofficial third-party ratings for the sitcom did report a massive dip in viewership in Season 2 compared to the first one, showing that ratings potentially plummeted over 50%. Even so, Netflix kept the revival going into Season 4, and didn’t hint the program could be in trouble at the time of its renewal announcement.

Prior to now, there really hasn’t been any indication that anyone thought Fuller House could be heading into its last season. An unplanned cancellation would be somewhat ironic for the Netflix original, especially considering Full House creator Jeff Franklin felt the original series never got a real ending until Fuller House came to life.

Now, the revival did undergo some behind the scenes changes when Jeff Franklin was fired from Fuller House in early 2018. However, it’s unknown if that event is what led to rumors of Netflix being on the fence about renewing the show for Season 5.

If Fuller House is ending, it’ll be a travesty for it to do so without an appearance from the Olsen twins as Michelle Tanner. We know it’s not for lack of trying, as Mary-Kate and Ashley have repeatedly rejected offers and pleas from the cast and crew to appear. If Netflix is dropping the show, here’s hoping there’s some über-secret cameo the duo filmed for Season 4. That seems unlikely, considering how adamant the duo is about not appearing, but our fingers are crossed nonetheless.

I’d be disappointing if Netflix ended Fuller House without an Olsen twins appearance, or even potentially without a proper conclusion. But there’s always a chance certain things could happen down the road. Netflix could perhaps bring Fuller House‘s characters back the following year for a one-off holiday special meant to conclude any unresolved narrative points. It’d almost take a Christmas miracle at this point for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to agree, so fans should hope for that to be an option, if another season is not.

Fuller House Season 4 is on its way to Netflix before the end of 2018, and Seasons 1-3 are currently available to binge. For a look at what other television shows are premiering this fall season, head on over to our fall premiere guide.

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