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Infinite Reviews Have Arrived, Here’s What Critics Are Saying About The New Mark Wahlberg Movie

Yet another movie that faced many release delays is finally here. Mark Wahlberg’s latest action flick, Infinite, was going to release in September of this year after delays, but Paramount cancelled its theatrical release and instead it’s releasing digitally on Paramount+ today. The science fiction action film stars Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson, Jason Mantzoukas, Rupert Friend, Liz Carr, Toby Jones and Dylan O’Brien, and was directed by Antoine Fuqua.

In his second collaboration with director Fuqua (the first being 2007’s Shooter), Wahlberg plays Evan, a man struggling with hallucinations and having a hard time making ends meet. But one day, a woman arrives in a bulletproof car and tells him that he is actually an Infinite, a soul who has been reincarnated multiple times, and that he is basically destined to save the world. Infinite is now available on Paramount+, so let’s see what critics have to say about it.

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