I Tried 10 of the Best Mascaras at Sephora

My relationship with mascara can best be described as “fickle” (I’m a gemini, so, it kind of makes sense). Whenever someone asks me about my go-to lash products, I draw a blank, because I’ve never really found one that I’ve fallen in love with. Sure, I’ve come across plenty of formulas that have worked just fine, but usually I make my selection based on whatever comes in the brightest packaging or is the easiest to grab on my way through the drugstore aisle.

So when Sephora gifted me a set of 10 of their favorite mascaras for the holidays (it includes “best sellers” and “new mascaras”), I didn’t really think much of it. I threw them in the back of my beauty drawer, and continued to use whichever $5 version I’d picked up at CVS most recently. But when that ran out one morning, I grabbed my mini tube of “Better Than Sex” for a quick swipe, and my love affair with mascara began.

Since that first coat of “Better Than Sex, I’ve been on a full-blown quest to discover which of Sephora’s lash blasting products reigns supreme. I wore a different mascara every day, and found more than a few favorites in the mix. Scrolling through each products’ reviews on Sephora.com, it became clear to me why this selection was included in the store’s holiday gift set. Almost all of them had over 4 stars, and thousands of reviews and “loves” touting how great they are. Of course, positive reviews and the fact that some of these were “bestsellers” should be taken with a grain of salt, but I’ve gotta say — nearly all of these lived up to the hype.

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