I Still Believe: How The Real Jeremy Camp Feels About KJ Apa Playing Him In Movie

It is very bizarre, but I think what gave me kind of peace and comfort over the whole thing is that [KJ Apa] asked me one time during the filming very early on, ‘Hey, how did you react in this situation?’ And so what that meant to me was ‘I care enough about you and who you are in portraying this accurately that I’m going to ask you this personally.’ He didn’t have to do that. He’s an actor and he does this, I don’t act. But he wanted to know ‘Hey, how can I portray you accurately?’ And, honestly, he did such a good job — it was hard to watch! Because he did such a good job that it brought up all these emotions, and the chemistry between [KJ] and Britt was so real that you go, ‘Wow, this is hard to watch because it feels so real.’

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