Hugh Jackman’s Kid Uses His Dad’s Status As Wolverine To Pick Up Girls

As Hugh Jackman recounted to Entertainment Tonight at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday, his 18-year-old son Oscar Maximilian Jackman isn’t the least bit embarrassed by his dad and his worldwide fame. In fact, the young man uses his father’s well-known portrayal of Wolverine for his own personal benefit, particularly when it comes to picking up ladies. Oscar has been doing it since he was 13, according to Hugh Jackman, and the actor is apparently a good wingman when it comes to helping his son get attention with the ladies. Consider that yet another perk of being Hugh Jackman.

Everyone needs a wing-person or two, and Oscar Maximilian Jackman is lucky enough to have a father that attracts more-than-a-little bit of attention. As for Hugh Jackman, he hasn’t used his fame to bring in any ladies. He’s been happily married to his wife, Deborra Lee Furness since 1996 — before he dawned the claws and became the famous X-Men character. And it doesn’t sound like Hugh Jackman would know the first thing about attracting attention to himself when it comes to the ladies. At least, that’s what Hugh Jackman claims by his own admission. He doesn’t think he has any “game.”

Is Hugh Jackman perhaps being modest, or does he not know the first thing about being a ladies man? It’s hard to know, but it sounds like Oscar Maximilian Jackman isn’t afraid to use the Academy Award-nominated actor’s fame and notoriety to his own benefit when it comes to picking up girls. When it comes to the latest news about Hugh Jackman and other celebrities, you’ll be sure to learn about the news here at CinemaBlend.

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