How to Wear a Turtleneck For Fall

A turtleneck is a very specific type of sweater. When you’re wearing one, you can’t really hide it—you can only dress it up, if anything at all. And though throwing on a pair of jeans and going about one’s merry way continues to be the easiest, most consistently solid styling approach, there are plenty of ways to make a turtleneck feel like more than a “basic.” You can double up on knits, or find a sweater that’s extra-oversized or extra-thick to contrast a more fitted bottom; you can wear them in a color that’s… not black. (Revolutionary, we know.) The comfort a turtleneck sweater can be as comforting as your preferred warm, seasonal beverage, so why not wear one every single day this fall? We have at least a month’s worth of outfits covered with the street-style inspiration, below, at least: Start brainstorming all the different ways you can wear a turtleneck during the cold-weather months with a little help from fashion’s best dressed.

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