How to Make Your Own Riverdale Halloween Costume Look(s)

According to a joint report published by Lyst and Pinterest, Riverdale, broadly, is ranked #2 on a list of the 10 most popular Halloween costumes for 2018, based on data from both platforms. This isn’t a particularly surprising revelation—the show’s audience is massive (and devoted.) But also, and perhaps even more importantly, the look is so easy to recreate. Each character has a clear sartorial signifier: Betty Cooper with her sweaters and Peter Pan collars, Archie Andrews with his letterman jacket, Jughead Jones with his beanie, Veronica Lodge with her pearls… What’s more, the modern-day interpretation of the gang (and their wardrobe) includes plenty of familiar trends and silhouettes, from chokers to high-low skirts, so you likely have pieces similar to what modern-day Riverdale High students might wear—which makes these costumes feel less… well, costume-y.

Ahead, we demonstrate how to shop your way to an A+ Riverdale Halloween costume, for you and the whole gang—from Betty and Veronica to Cheryl and Toni.

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