How To Deal With A Breakup According To Harley Quinn And 6 Other Movie Characters

Imagine A Grand One-Shot Music Number About Your Relationship

Courtesy of 2017’s almost-Best Picture La La Land comes a what-could-have-been story of romance and heartbreak. The beauty of Damien Chazelle’s musical is how it highlights the beauty of love, even the ones that don’t end up panning out. A romance such as the one Ryan Gosling Sebastian and Emma Stone’s Mia had is often shown beat-for-beat and it ends in happily ever after. In La La Land, audiences fall in love with this couple’s chemistry, but they are also faced with the struggles of a young relationship diverging on two paths. During the film’s beautiful finale, Sebastian imagines their future, but it’s all in its head. Often we romanticize our lost relationships after the fact, but they were better off breaking up.

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