How The Flash’s Elseworlds Crossover Episode Did In The Ratings

The Arrow-verse’s much-anticipated crossover event is currently underway. Getting things started on Sunday night was The Flash with the first part of the three-night event. Arrow continued the crossover on Monday. So, how did “Elseworlds” do in the ratings on opening night?

To put them in Oliver Queen terms, the ratings did not fail the franchise. The Flash‘s installment reached 1.8 million viewers on Sunday night, per TVLine. The good news for Part 1 did not end there. The Flash also pulled in a 0.6 demo rating. Both of those numbers mark season highs for The CW in the time slot.

It is a sign that all of the viewer anticipation has paid off for the series. The Flash‘s episode introduced a myriad of villains. Even though it had a lot on its plate, Part 1 managed to find the time for something particularly nostalgic. The Flash‘s installment paid sweet homage to superhero drama trailblazer, Smallville.

The ratings for Arrow‘s installment will be the next test for the Arrow-verse crossover. There is a huge element going in its ratings favor. The second night prominently featured one of the most buzzed-about characters in recent Arrow-verse memory — Batwoman!

Along with showing off the new Arrow-verse addition, the installment shared the fun revelation as to how she and Batman are connected. It turns out, Kate Kane and Bruce Wayne share more than rhyming last names in common. The two are cousins!

Fans will undoubtedly be curious to see how “Elseworlds” continues to develop. The final installment will unravel on Supergirl. Major mysteries remain in play, including whether Barry can resist embracing Oliver’s dark side.

The “Elseworlds” crossover has already set up a crucial story arc, and more story is destined to unfold in Supergirl‘s installment. Fans have been excited for this latest Arrow-verse crossover to unfold, and the ratings reflect that.

“Elseworlds” marks the fifth crossover event for the Arrow-verse. That is an impressive streak and with the success of The Flash‘s installment, more should be in store. By having so many previous installments to compare the “Elseworlds” ratings to, it provides some insight into the enduring popularity of the crossover events. How did the launch of “Elseworlds” compare to last year’s crossover premiere?

When compared to the ratings for the Arrow-verse’s previous crossover, the news is interesting. Comparatively, the numbers are down a bit. The opening night of last year’s crossover scored 2.7 million viewers compared to the 1.8 million this year.

That puts the total viewers for the “Elseworlds” opener down 800,000 viewers from last year’s “Crisis on Earth-X.” Worth noting is that last year’s crossover launched on a Monday. Could changing days have been a factor? It is possible. For now, fans can turn their attention to the crossover’s final act.

The Arrow-verse crossover concludes with Supergirl tonight on The CW. The final installment of “Elseworlds” airs December 11 at 8 pm ET on The CW. It is among many shows airing new episodes this fall and throughout the midseason.

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