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How Rebel Wilson Sleeps At Night

Rebel Wilson is serious about her sleep. “I’m just a baby—I have to sleep eight hours or more a night otherwise I literally can’t function,” she says. “I’m a zombie.” Prioritizing sleep, however, can be a challenge for the busy actor and OLLY ambassador who spends her time hopping time zones between New York, Los Angeles and Australia.

Luckily, she has a secret weapon against jet lag: reality T.V. “Normally it’s anything on Bravo, but I’ve just gone to this new show. It’s a British show called “Escape to the Chateau” about this British couple who buy an old 17th century French Chateau and renovate it,” Wilson says. “I’ve become obsessed and I’ve literally had to use my illegal VPN to watch it [when I’m traveling].”

We asked Wilson for the rest of her jet lag-fighting bedtime routine and the sleep essentials she brings on the road.

The pre-bed ritual that works every time

My favorite thing to do is to have a bubble bath with bath salts and nice smelling things. One of my friends gave me a whole box of bath bombs for Christmas so I’ll chuck one in there and make all the water go pink or something. Then it’s like my body knows “Okay, sleep time is coming up now.” 

The bath products I swear by

Dr. Teal’s bath salts. They’re really cheap, they got recommended to me back in the day.And then Kneipp bath salts. They have a blue colored box and the salts are a dark blue color, and it makes the water just go really nice. Those are the two I always travel with.

Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak


Ulta Beauty

Dream Away Bath Salt

When I’m home I’ll put a little Aesop bath oil in there or REN also has a really good bath oil.

Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil



The tracksuit I wear when I’m alone

I’m a big fan of a track suit. I have a whole big huge pullout drawer of clothes that nobody will ever see me in. They’re like comfy ass tracksuits like Roots or Victoria’s Secret. It’s just ultra comfortable. If somebody is staying over I’ll try to class it up.

Victoria’s Secret Soft Jogger Pants

Cotton-candy pink, fluffy, and light at the same time. No more overheating while snuggling on the couch, courtesy of these soft joggers. 


Victoria’s Secret

Cashmere Tracksuit Jogger



The gummies that help me wind down

I take Olly’s Sleep gummies because of the melatonin and the l-theanine. I do really notice the difference. I normally take these 20 minutes before sleeping or when I’m jet lagged. I take the sleep gummies I watch a little bit of trashy reality T.V. for like 10 minutes and just fall asleep.

OLLY Sleep Gummies

The sheets I splurged on

This is the bougiest purchase in my whole house but I have a Hästens mattress, which they can go for like twenty grand. But sleep is so important to me. And then I have Frette sheets.

Frette Sheets



What’s currently on my nightstand

In New York, I live on the ground floor so I obviously have ear plugs. And I think I have a Voluspa candle. And I don’t really read books, so I have some books on my nightstand but they’re decoration.

Voluspa Japonica Baltic Amber Large Glass Candle



I sleep better at night knowing…

…the latest goss on Instagram. That’s the stupid answer. The serious answer would be that I sleep better when I say what I’m grateful for and I go to sleep in a good place.

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