How NCIS Paid Tribute To Reeves After His Death

That seemed to be it for Nick’s story in this episode until he showed up on on the doorstep of Bishop — or “Ellie,” as Nick called her — to sadly reveal that he couldn’t fix his sunglasses, and she finally learned what was up with Nick all episode: the sunglasses he’d accidentally smashed were a gift from Reeves. Drunk and tearful, Nick told Bishop that his missed his buddy, and she admitted that she misses him too. It was a sweet moment between Nick and Bishop as they remembered their fallen friend, and it proved that Reeves is not forgotten. Abby’s departure left the larger hole in the ensemble thanks to her 15 years on the show, but Reeves gave his life and died a hero’s death. He deserves a tribute at least as much as Abby, and we can only hope that his friends continue to remember him.

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