How Chicago P.D.’s Voight Is Dealing With Olinsky’s Death In Season 6

As Jason Beghe noted, Voight hasn’t fully come to terms with what happened to Olinsky yet. Obviously, the main cause of his murder was the vendetta that was held against him by a criminal he’d crossed paths with in the past, but we all know that Olinsky wouldn’t have been so easy to take out (trapped in jail at the the time of his murder, as he was) if he hadn’t been so dedicated to Voight that he was willing to take the fall for a crime that his old friend had really committed. So, not only does Voight realize that he’s to blame for that, but while he was wheeling and dealing with Denny Woods and others to try to get Olinsky released while also protecting his own hide, he left his friend vulnerable to the point where it cost him his life. Voight knows that if he’d come clean immediately after Olinsky was arrested, he would probably still be alive, and, according to Beghe, that’s eating the man’s soul up right now.

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