Henry Cavill Looks Totally Unrecognizable In New Netflix Series The Witcher

After playing the iconic and instantly recognizable Superman for three films, Henry Cavill moved on to a completely different kind of project, Netflix’s episodic adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher novels and stories. The dark fantasy adventure series kicked off its central production today, and Netflix was apparently eager to give everyone a quick taste of what to expect: some long-haired Henry.

I’m left with some pretty good first impressions here. For one, this whole long-haired warrior get-up is a far more natural look for Henry Cavill than I would have expected. The low lighting probably helps, as does the fact that no one needed to remove any of his facial hair via CGI.

From a clear “hot take” perspective, Henry Cavill looks like a Game of Thrones character who serves as the front man for a tribute band with dueling inspirations of Lord of the Rings‘ Legolas and Hobbit‘s Thranduil. The Witcher does boast a former Game of Thrones cinematographer and director, so that part fits.

Since things are just starting to take off for The Witcher, Netflix hasn’t yet made moves to set a specific release date yet. But fans can possibly expect to find all eight episodes hitting the streaming service in late 2019 or early 2020.

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