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HBO Max Trailer Offers New Glimpse At Suicide Squad, Mortal Kombat And More

The rating of The Suicide Squad is unknown, but based on this brief clip, it looks like the movie could be rated-R. Either that or John Cena could be using the film’s single allotted PG-13 F-bomb in the scene we see here. Either way, it’s looking pretty good.

One potentially interesting item of note here is that Dune is part of the trailer. While it was certainly on the initial list of movies coming to HBO Max in 2021, Legendary, the studio behind the film made it very clear it was not happy with Warner Bros. decision to release the movie on HBO Max, and it even threatened legal action. Director Denis Villenueve had also made it clear he wasn’t happy. 

The last we heard, negotiations regarding whether or not Dune would be released to HBO Max were still ongoing. The fact that the movie is still listed here could indicate a decision has been reached. It could also simply mean that talks are still ongoing, and WB is still planning to promote it unless things change. 

More to come…

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