Harry Styles, ‘Watermelon Sugar,’ And Fine Line’s Fruit Fixation

Last week, Harry dropped a tasty video for “Adore You” that you can practically smell through the screen. In it, Harry, a lonely bright-smiled fellow on the island of Eroda, becomes best buds with a friendless fish. They become eating buddies – Harry snacks on chips and the fish chomps down on fish food – and after every meal, the fish grows larger; it’s almost as if the path to growing as a person is to wolf down plate after plate.

Eventually, the fish can’t be contained to its tiny bowl. To make sure his new friend can be fine, Harry decides to free it into the ocean with the help of the island’s citizens who have become kind to his plight. The narrator (an awesome voice cameo by Rosalía) reveals that the town has become much nicer in the end. As a tease, there’s a baker’s set of delicious cupcakes shown, just to let you know that this is probably what Harry ate after the shoot ended. The feast goes on.

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