Harry Styles Literally Stops Traffic With A Zip-Lining Performance

With mere hours to go until the release of Harry Styles‘s sophomore album, Fine Line, it’s safe to say that the fandom is stoked. But just because Styles has a full-length LP coming tomorrow (December 13), that doesn’t mean he’s slowing down on giving us the kind of late night content we need and, quite frankly, deserve. On last night’s (December 11) episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the “Watermelon Sugar” crooner performed in the first-ever “Crosswalk Concert.” And guys, it was everything.

At first, Styles inevitably needed a little convincing from Corden that a live concert in the middle of a busy intersection was a good idea. But before we knew it, he was handing out flyers (albeit, begrudgingly) to passersby. Soon enough, it was showtime, and Styles took the stage to perform “Kiwi” with backup dancers and pyrotechnics in tow. Pretty impressive for a concert located in the middle of the street, if you ask us.

After galavanting through traffic and shaking his butt on the hood of a car, Styles and his crew fled the crosswalk as soon as the light turned green. Once traffic came to a halt again, Corden went vehicle-to-vehicle selling — you guessed it — Harry Styles merchandise. Then, Styles took the stage for a performance of “Lights Up,” the debut single from Fine Line. He was joined by the late night host, who performed an interpretive dance while dressed as the sun. Yes, it was just as unbelievable as it sounds.

The fun (and chaos) didn’t end there, though. Styles continued his “Crosswalk Concert” with a performance of “Watermelon Sugar.” Between the high-energy choreography and the backup dancers dressed as watermelons, it was quite a spectacle — which explains why so many people looked extremely confused. Had they stuck around, however, their confusion only would’ve grown because, for his last song, Styles flew high above the traffic on a zip-line while singing his debut solo single, “Sign of the Times.” Talk about a grand finale.

Although performing in the middle of oncoming traffic is objectively a terrible idea that no one should try themselves, we have to admit that Styles’s performance was impressive, hilarious, and highly entertaining. And while we’d never want to put the former One Direction star in harm’s way, we’re also not prepared to say we don’t want another Harry Styles “Crosswalk Concert” sometime in the future.

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