Haim Performed ‘The Steps’ On ‘Fallon’ And Este Haim Had A Moment

Haim were the musical guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and not only did play their new single “The Steps,” they also crafted a song with host Fallon about accidentally liking a stranger’s extremely old Instagram post. Both the performance and sketch served as great previews for their forthcoming album, Women in Music Pt. III.

Haim’s show of “The Steps” was over-the-top and badass. They screamed their number on stage like battle cries to an opposing army. Este Haim stopped in the middle of the performance to put on lipstick and spit the container at the crowd in a moment of sheer excitement. She became the center of attention as she whipped her hair back and forth for the duration of the show. Hopefully, she doesn’t have a serious case of whiplash in the morning.

Their other bright spot came with their awesome song, “I Liked An Instagram Post.” With Fallon, they donned disguises and prepared to move across the world with changed identities after realizing that they liked eight-year-old posts by accident. Does it make you cringe thinking about that? Then their upbeat new song is probably for you.

Women In Music Pt. III is set to drop on April 24. It’ll feature the singles that they shared last year, “Summer Girl,” “Now I’m In It,” and “Hallelujah.”

Check out Haim’s Fallon performance and sketch song up above.

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