Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Hasn’t Talked To Former Co-Star Patrick Dempsey In Years

Grey’s Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey spent a decade together as one of TV’s most iconic duos: Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd. When Dempsey decided to leave the show after Season 11, fans were devastated. But what about Pompeo? The current Grey’s lead was recently asked if she and Dempsey were still friends. Here’s her answer:

Hmm… Patrick Dempsey’s final episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired in May 2015. So they haven’t spoken in over three years. Ellen Pompeo only spoke briefly about Grey’s during her Red Table Talk interview, but other than admitting they’re not exactly BFFs, her response on Patrick Dempsey was filled with nothing but respect and praise. And it sounds like she completely understands why he left:

It was Patrick Dempsey’s own choice to leave the show, and he even said that he probably should’ve moved on a few years earlier. But Grey’s Anatomy fans were not happy that Derek Shepherd was killed off. Creator Shonda Rhimes defended the decision as the best way to preserve the Mer-Der love story.

Some fans still want Meredith and Derek to be together so much that they go to pretty extreme lengths. Like bringing up Meredith Grey on Patrick Dempsey’s Instagram photos with his wife, and lashing out at the current Grey’s Anatomy co-showrunner for the Season 15 storyline trying to give Meredith a new romance.

Of course, Patrick Dempsey is not the only star to leave Grey’s Anatomy after a long tenure. The show does 24 episodes of hour-long TV a year, with lots of medical jargon in the studio. It must get tiring, with an itch to try something new. Sandra Oh is now enjoying the fruits of her departure — she was nominated for an Emmy for her new show Killing Eve, and she was recently announced to be co-hosting the Golden Globe Awards.

But fans do miss her Cristina Yang, and hope the character (who was not killed off) returns at some point, even if it’s just for the Grey’s Anatomy series finale. After all, Cristina is Meredith’s “person.”

Meanwhile, Ellen Pompeo is still going strong on Grey’s Anatomy, with a lucrative contract through Season 16 making her the highest-paid TV drama actress. Grey’s is still enjoying high ratings, even after several seasons without Patrick Dempsey. Grey’s briefly gave Meredith a post-Derek romance with Nathan Riggs, but now she’s basically being romanced by three different guys. She has many options in 2019 when Season 15 continues.

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