Glow Recipe Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream Review

To top it off, a few more anti-inflammatory ingredients were mixed in. Cofounder and co-CEO, Christine Chang, points to centella asiatica and turmeric, which she loves for taking down redness and irritation. (She also notes that the addition of chia helps lock in water, provide essential fatty acids, and maintain your moisture barrier.) Vitamins A, B, and C finish off the ingredients list, working together to maximize hydration and counteract dullness.

All of this gets whipped into a pale yellow cream that comes in one of the brand’s cute glass jars. If you love bakery-style banana pudding as much as I do, you will be overjoyed when you unscrew the lid and smell dessert. (And if you don’t, fret not; like all of Glow Recipe’s other offerings, the scent dissipates as soon as you apply it.) The moisturizer has a texture that’s much less dense than you might expect from a winter-grade product. It’s more bouncy gel-cream than buttery lotion, which means it spreads into the thinnest of layers and sinks in instantly; you won’t feel like you’re wearing a banana-infused mask and can easily pat it on under makeup.

Miraculously, it achieves the same level of evaporation-free hydration it usually takes me several serums, a leave-on face mask, two layers of salve, and a face oil to accomplish. I treat it as a final layer morning and night, ditching the heavy ointments in favor of this lightweight barrier. As soon as I layer it over my glow-boosting serums and essences of choice, it smooths out dry patches, takes my dehydrated midface region from parched to plump, and keeps it that way until I wake up in the morning (or remove my makeup at night). Truly, this is how the universe intended bananas to be used. Winter, go ahead and do your worst.

Sarah Wu

Glow Recipe Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream, $39, 12/4 on the Sephora App, 12/5 on sephora.com.

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Sarah Wu is a writer in Berlin. Follow her on Instagram @say.wu.

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