Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Shares Details About Arya’s Final Scene

Secrets regarding Game of Thrones‘ final season are hard to come by these days, mainly because the cast is universally resolved and contractually obligated to keep Season 8 a secret. Despite that, actors like Maisie Williams have done their best to keep fans excited with statements that don’t reveal too much, such as information on their final scenes. The occasionally scandalous Arya Stark actress shared the details of her character’s final moment and described it as “beautiful.”

Arya Stark is all alone in her final Game of Thrones scene, which Maisie Williams didn’t seem surprised by. Fans might be a bit surprised by that, however, as Arya was last spotted at Winterfell with Sansa and Bran and a castle full of people. Few would expect the highly skilled assassin to sit back and do nothing while the massive White Walker invasion was going on, so what could she be up to?

There’s another bit of that quote worth reading into, as Maisie Williams said she watched a lot of other people wrap their scenes before finishing her own. This could mean Arya survives or at least outlasts a good bulk of other characters before Game of Thrones ends. It could also mean nothing, however, as shows rarely film their episodes in sequence and Maisie Williams’ wrap time on set may have nothing to do with how long her character survives.

Maisie Williams told The Guardian she had a “lot more to do” in the final season than in the past, which could explain why she wrapped later than her peers. Those wondering if that confirms that Arya survives shouldn’t get too excited, as Williams added her increased workload was a result of fewer characters that will be followed. So, if Arya dies, at least Williams’ fans can take comfort in knowing they’ll see a fair chunk of her before it happens.

Williams’ quote is just enough to have frenzied Game of Thrones fans guessing how things end for Arya. Does she suffer an injury during an assassination attempt and scuttle off to quietly die while whispering her list of names? Does Game of Thrones fake Arya’s death and then later reveal she’s gone into hiding via her skill as a faceless man? Hell, maybe every would-be monarch dies and she’s the one who ends up on the iron throne!

Game of Thrones fans will get their answer regarding Arya’s fate before too long as Season 8 will air on HBO sometime in 2019. Stay informed on all television premiering in the meantime by visiting and bookmarking our fall premiere guide.

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